Wordpress Themes for Churches


A long long time ago I tried creating a list of themes. Well while some of that list is still good, I figured what better time to build it up a bit! Here are a few more in addition to that list in the KB, got one you like? Post a link!

Elementor (Free/Paid) - This is a plugin to help build pages/site in any template theme
GeneratePress (Free/Paid) - Free version is great, works well with Elementor.
SiteOrigin PageBuilder - (Free/Paid) Great option for building out your content! I’ve used this on FlockHosting.com for years + it’s add-on’s work with Elementor now too!
Theme Forest Themes (Paid) - A TON of great themes!
ThemeBright (Free) - Some great looking themes! Easy to work with!
Weaver Xtreme - Suggested by John B.
ElegantThemes - A great set of themes, especially the Divi theme for crafting your own theme look. Suggested by John B.

Got one you like? Post a reply and I’ll update the list as we get more suggestions!


I have used Weaver Xtreme free theme which I thought was really easy and flexible to use. I found the Theme Forrest church themes to offer a lot of functionality and nice design. I did switch to Divi theme (paid) because of the ability to do a lot of layout changes fairly easy.


Thanks for the suggestions! Added them to the list!


The Weaver Xtreme comes with a bunch of sub themes so it’s easy to change the design without messing the layout or content. That was one of the things that got me to first try it. I used it for quite a few customer sites to give each one a little different look.