What sort of help can you get?


Well, a lot of perks come with being a client :slight_smile: for one I do a lot of Wordpress work, so the number of plugins I have for unlimited use! I get the big licenses to do the most help! So if you need help please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know!

What kind of plugins you ask? What about themes? Well I have at least 3 Wordpress Theme Clubs, unlimited access to all themes for unlimited sites, for plugins 1 major site, and 2 smaller, but too - I have subscriptions and access to services like Sendgrid and others for email, etc. etc.

So need help? Unsure of your next step with Wordpress? Doesn’t matter what type of account you are - help is for ALL FlockHosting Customers - if ANYTHING is ever bigger than “help” I will never charge anything without discussing the costs, and if the costs are too great I’ll let you know what I can squeeze in for free to help!