Ways to get help @ FlockHosting


So if you came here looking for help and you just are not finding it here are the breakdowns of some of the options you can follow for help:

  • LiveChat - This is located just about everywhere (not here on the discussion board… yet) but if you need more instant help? This is a great option. Do bear in mind that sometimes I’m responding via Mobile, so I don’t always have all assets in front of me for help, so consider this “Non-Critical Assistance”
  • Trouble Ticket - Tickets are great, you can easily open one via email or online - These are open until completed and give me more space to review and request information, if you feel you are having connection issues please use the online option as it will send me your IP address so I can do more investigating.
  • Knowledge Base - The knowledge base is a little dated. Not hugely in some areas, but it needs some more love all the time even if when you’re reading this and I’ve spent 3 months updating it - it needs more :wink: You can visit it anytime by going to: http://kb.flockhosting.com - It has some great videos and guides on getting going.
  • Email Me Directly - My email address is on the communicate page - for support use this at your own peril if you are wanting something more “For Sure” ticket is your best bet, but if you are just not wanting to wait around on LiveChat, and it’s a simple Q&A - email away :slight_smile:

There are a few other options on the communicate page, but when all else fails ticket is the way to go!


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