Lilly and Grace Migration

See you at 6 PM (Pacific Time) Friday - Updates will flow out here on anything adjusted/tweaked or needing interaction from folks if anything should change/adjust.

Wednesday (10/09/19)

  • Migration Concerns - Yes it is a Chemo week - but things will go smoothly, some folks have put forth that concern as it is businesses/personal accounts, not a free church account as one person pointed out, short version - I’m not worried. Currently, have worked nearly a full-ish day of work, and not pushing my limits too far physically - so God is good but I’m also not afraid to say on Saturday “Nope! Shut it down!” again my goal in all of this is YOUR sites working amazing and this move should improve performance greatly! If you still have a concern of ANY kind please open a ticket.
  • Moving Early to Moses? - If you would rather be in charge of when you move anytime from now till Friday before 5:30PM you can request a move to Moses if you prefer to have a better grasp on a clean move vs. being in the bulk window, I understand this might be a choice some of you want to make, completely fine just open a ticket and let’s get it going before we hit Friday!

Thursday (10/10/19)

  • Custom Settings - Some folks have expressed concern over settings with mail, php, sitepad not moving over - honestly? I haven’t had a blip yet! All account data is migrated over - the migration moves all data and configuration, but should anything crop up please please please don’t just assume it will be magically fixed - open a ticket.
  • PHP Upgrading - Some of you are Wordpress users and may have noticed a PHP warning recently that has cropped up - and you have COMPLETE control to upgrade PHP without even opening a ticket (if you want help, please do!) but in cPanel you can use the MultiPHP tol to upgrade to 7.3! It’s the latest PHP available, now if you are needing to run PHP in a much older version for any reason there is the PHP Selector - this one is great for running older PHP which has been patched and kept more secure! So If you are needing PHP 5.5 or lower, header there. I know it’s a lot of info, but 99% of folks will stick with the MultiPHP tool! Unsure? Open a ticket and I’d be happy to help after the migration!
  • Server Update - So far so good! RemoteMX tool is installed, MailChannels activated, Softaculous and SitePad ready to go - fine tuning some security and anti-bot rules - plus ensuring the latest XMLRPC IP’s are in place for JetPack on Wordpress - we are looking good for tomorrow’s move! Excited to get you guys moved over and stable!

Friday - Migration Day! (10/11/19)

  • Finishing up final checks, all pre-migration reviews are done, working on final review of all licenses and 3rd party addons - ensuring transitions will be smooth! Also, have checks in place for those of you using MX Guard Dog - ensuring mail will go to the proper server all things said and done!

More updates to follow, rest will be time-stamped as I get going here closer to 6PM (in about 45 minutes) stay tuned!

  • [5:35 PM] Lilly is on deck first, all accounts are being lined up and in 24 minutes the process will begin. I encourage all customers on Grace & Lilly to stop any updates/upgrades/uploads to your sites, once the process begins the old accounts will be disabled to avoid any overlap, once migrated DNS is updated automatically - the hostname won’t work right away, both Grace and Lilly hostnames are being updated and are configured already on the new server so just takes time.
  • [5:59 PM] Here we go! Migration has begun, hang tight!
  • [6:16 PM] Already about 15% in on Lilly (current) to Lilly (New) some accounts are already cut over, if you are seeing a note on your site that says its moved hang tight - move should be fairly quick, but more you visit / email checks / etc. your device is more prone to cache the old address, so check back later - hopefully by then it’ll be good to go!
  • [6:30 PM] Starting the migration of data from Grace to Lilly (New) - The current Lilly is wrapping up and going through some verification - but process is going very quickly (Thanks for the prayers!) I’ll keep you guys posted, more updates to follow!
  • [7:16 PM] Entire process is looking good! Lilly (Current) is looking pretty well wrapped up, still reviewing a few things - Grace is chugging along nicely - and the Lilly (New) is showing some fresh traffic and sites performing without errors or issues that I can see! Please if you note ANYTHING please open a trouble ticket so I can take a peek!
  • [8:05 PM] So far so good - had one DNS hiccup now resolved thanks to zone backups! The hostname is now updating and will soon resolve to the new IP address - this should resolve any routing issues with customers moving from the old Lilly to the New. Hang tight, for more updates, Grace is chugging along.
  • [8:52 PM] Grace is wrapping up down to only a handful of final accounts and checks, but things are looking good overall! God has definitely blessed this move with speed! The hostname is next on the docket here once the final things are reviewed, but on track to be done likely no later than 10PM. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • [10:01 PM] Wrapping it up, this will be the last update - All sites are migrated! Finalizing over to the new IP - please if you have any issues open a ticket! Here to help, but a nap is much needed at this point :slight_smile: Thanks for your patience and prayers!

Saturday (10/12/19)

  • cPanel Quick Login - If you are a user who logs into cPanel by clicking the login link via - this won’t work. Even if it says you are on Lilly - because its still pointing to the old Lilly - this should be repaired once I have less Chemo Fog as it requires a big database change in the billing system, and I’d rather not create more issues. You can still login as always via /cpanel added to your URL - /webmail for webmail too - but as soon as that’s repaired I’ll make a note on here.

Monday (10/14/19)

  • Grace cPanel/WebMail - Well it seems there are some issues with the login using grace vs. lilly - if you are having problems logging into webmail simply edit your links and replace “grace” with “lilly” - long-term this is a better fix, but short term I am working on trying to resolve this so folks have a easier transition.
  • PHP Subtle Differences - Grace and Lilly were running slightly older builds of PHP - the newer ones do seem to pose some minor hiccups now and again with a few sites, if you are having issues consider switching up to PHP 7.x builds or using PHP Selector for a better compatibility.