FlockHosting Backups

It was asked after the migration where was Restore Manager?! Well to answer that a bit more globally:

Going Away

The software hasn’t seen a lot of upgrades recently, and we’ve had some restore issues - so it was time for a change - So right now as I type this Lilly is starting her new backup routine with the new replacement that was tested called JetBackup:

It’s new, it’s still got more features I plan to enable but for starters across the board over the next week I’ll be enabling it across the board - and it updates the backup image every 4 hours with any files that have been added or changed - so if you get a new email? Instead of a daily snapshot every 4 hours it grabs a new look and grabs whats new - and keeps 14 such grabs, so should give you some more restore points to work with.

Now if you say “This sounds great! Let me at it” and when you click it says you have no backups? The first backup is just barely started on Noah and Lilly - still have backups from the old system so those will stay in place until we get the first full backup done, then the old ones will be phased out.

Great thing for me is it adds some great options outside of your access as well to do some more in-depth backups for higher redundancy - doing a snapshot of the server to a service like B2 or S3 I can do some things to put my chemo brain at ease :slight_smile:

So all 7 backup servers are getting a spring cleaning too - so a lot of storage to work with for these new backup types and features, so stay tuned for more updates on backups in the weeks/months to come!

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