Church Hosting MX Guard Dog Ready!

For many Spam is a real issue, and currently many use the anti-spam features built-in and some of you have done amazing jobs in really tuning the configuration to fit your needs - others, however, no amount of tuning seems to help - so MX Guard Dog which I provide at no cost, is now available!

To get setup it does require some MX changes - if you are using FlockHosting DNS - these will be made for you but if not, once I fire it up, I’ll get you the MX records to make your modifications and my side does the rest!

Now I do pay for this service thankfully in earned credits at the moment, so links at the bottom of FlockHosting and some other projects I manage to earn credits which keep this free - so I would ask if you decide it’s not for you, or you want to change up your mail options, please let me know so we can release the credits used by your account! Now if you want to be extra awesome and help keep it free, let me know if you’d be up for a link on the footer of your page (text-based) and it’d help us earn more free credits to keep this free for everyone! Not required but it is helpful!

Aside from that if you are interested to open a ticket and request it be activated! I’ll review your DNS while setting it up and if you need MX records I’ll get them to you when I reply that the provisioning is setup.

I’m not sure how it works, but if I use it, I’d definitely be willing to put a link on our website. I’m already promoting FlockHosting on there.

Just open a ticket, I’d be happy to get it deployed for you, once it’s rolling any email account on your domain is protected and gets nightly quarantine reports which you can free anything you want and if something gets through you can forward to their blacklist address.

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