Church Hosting Migration


The migration of Church Hosting services (with the exceptions of Church Hosting Email standalone) are all migrating (here’s the blog post with full info) - but about 30 minutes in already so figured it was a good idea to give a running update on what’s up and where we are at so here’s the play by play - refresh as this post will update now and again with updates on where we are at.

6:00PM Started migration of Fellowship to Noah
6:30PM So far a whomping 4 accounts migrated… Nearly 4GB of data so a decent pace to rebuild an account & migrate data. Update at the top of the hour.
7:00PM Moving right along, some 12GB+ of data migrated, its a drop in the bucket, but it’s moving along nicely! DNS is updating per account as it finishes importing. So hang tight! Update you possibly at the 30 minute mark, or at the top of the next hour! Be back in a bit!
7:15PM Seeing as we have a Gigabit connection at the new datacenter and the old one is only letting about 100Mb connection roll, I’ve gone ahead and started all other servers transferring so Church, Fellowship, Matthew are all on their way to Noah - Load may spike a bit, but should keep us on track to be done before tomorrow + allow me some minor rest in the process since it was a long day with the new PET scan.
7:45PM Matthew has completed - All accounts are migrated over - Church and Fellowship still chugging along!
8:25PM Church has completed. All accounts are migrated over - Fellowship is still chugging along (it has had some of the oldest accounts which have YEARS of MP3 archives.) So far smooth sailing, no errors in the transfer, spot-checking - wish I could do all accounts, but I can’t go through nearly 800+ domains/aliases/parked resources - please be sure to review things - Church & Matthew DNS updating shortly so old links will continue to work, stay-tuned at the top of the hour, taking a break for dinner.
9:00PM We have hit over 50% on Fellowship, still chugging along, but thankfully no errors on migrated accounts! Church and Matthew hostnames are both now pointing at Noah, so if you goto the old URL’s should bring you to the new server, but long-term please switch to for cPanel logins and such.
10:20PM Fellowship is done! That is all sites migrated, PTL for quick data transfers, no errors, and one last hostname in motion to adjust to the new IP as fellowship points to Noah here in a few hours. Thanks for your patience, going to spot check a few - if you are doing your own DNS PLEASE update to the new IP - this includes Cloudflare too! If you are not using Church Hosting anymore, please still let me know so we can make the best use of this new hardware and bless as many churches as possible.


10:00AM So far this morning issues with storage and bandwidth - accounts on the default plan reset to the original limits, so some of you woke up with bandwidth limit notices as storage overage notes - all of these should be resolved now - If you are still seeing it please open a ticket and let me know.

If you are having any other issues please use a ticket not a Live Chat - not closely monitoring the live chat this weekend as still resting up from a long week + PET scan, so its a big fluids day to flush out the PET scan material, so doing my best to keep up but tickets I’ll do in batches throughout the day! Hopefully nothing else huge will crop up :slight_smile:

10:30AM The IP Unblock Feature is not working because the customer zone still thinks you on the old servers, so if you have blocked yourself due to a number of failures, it won’t be able to unblock you just yet - this is in the works, just waiting till I’m rested enough as it’s a big database change.

Happy Sunday!

12:30PM So a old issue cropped up - PHP Upload Limits! I’ve just adjusted them site wide to 64MB if you need larger please let me know but this has been the average for most churches.

12:35PM If you are getting a notice that Wordpress wants a newer version of PHP - log into cPanel and use the MultiPHP option to choose a newer version of PHP - if you are unsure on how to do this or need assistance, please open a ticket, and I’ll address these as I have brain power.

12:50PM Last update for a little bit (Lunch Break) if you are used to login into the Customer Zone ( and using the link there to login to cPanel, this does not work as the links are broken as all accounts still reflect OLD server links, those are disabled, so hang tight, this is not a quick or easy fix, but will be working soon - should continue to be able to use the username and password from your welcome email and login via yourdomain.coim/cpanel


7:00PM If you are using Hostnames for email (church, fellowship, matthew) you may have got a SSL error, got a few reports of that today, please close out your email app (possibly reboot) and should be resolved.


4:00PM The accounts are now all adjust from Matthew, Church and Fellowship to Noah - IP Unblock and cPanel Login link should be working again from the Customer Zone.

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