Church Hosting Migration: Fellowship


Fellowship has had a rough couple of weeks! And with the recent blog post you likely came here to see the unfolding information on what’s up and things like the new IP as well as status updates, so I’ll update this primary thread with key updates, there will be additional posts from me on sub-items if you want to follow the thread but if not you can get the bulk just below here :slight_smile:

Pre Migration Update (09/03/2018)

The schedule is still on for a 5 PM start, basic tests have been done which show things are looking great! Speeds are a little slower than expected with the attacks on an increase at the moment, but that should improve once data is moved and your DNS is cut over.

Stay tuned here for more updates, I’ll update this thread from time to time during the day, but as it stands on schedule!

The Migration Start (09/03/2018)

  • New IP Provisioned ( Make this DNS change ONLY if you manage your own DNS ONLY on Monday after 5PM, earlier your site will stop working. If you bought your domain @ FlockHosting, do not worry about his unless for some reason you’ve changed your name servers.
  • First Batch Starting at 5 PM Pacific Time
  • Migration Underway - 100% completed.
  • Reviewing load as new hardware begins serving!
  • DNS Editors in cPanel are not active yet, so no DNS edits will be available until later this evening.

Server Provisioning [New IP: ]

  • Hardware Order Placed [Completed]
  • Software Provisioning [Completed]
  • Backup Server Setup [Completed]
  • Test Migrations [Completed]
  • Final Review of Services & Configuration [Completed]
  • Scan of Accounts for Non-FlockHosting Name Servers [Completed]
  • Ready to Go! @ 3:30pm


Migration is at 20% and counting! Once we reach 80% I’ll be pushing the DNS updates which should swap fairly quickly. At 80% I’ll post another update which will be listed above with the note to update your own DNS servers if you manage your own DNS to the new IP.


40% and counting, please be aware you can login to cPanel and such as the migration is on-going, however I’d suggest waiting to ensure no complications of being logged in working and you haven’t been migrated just yet!

:+1: we are doing good! More updates soon!


56%! Over half way there now! If you are already looking at your DNS and unsure of what to change (again if you have FlockHosting name servers this will be done for you) but if you are doing this yourself be on the lookout for the original Church Hosting IP for Fellowship: - Once you find that then replace it with the new one: But only when we hit 80% or so.


Stepped away for a brief moment and we leaped ahead! Currently 100% migrated. DNS has just been adjusted and reloaded for ALL Fellowship users! Monitoring as traffic swaps to the new hardware.

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