Billing System Update


Billing System / Support Maintenance!

In an effort to ensure smooth running support & billing I’ll be making some updates to the billing system tonight. This should improve the speed, and provide me with simpler access on the go etc.

Maintenance Window Tonight - 10PM (Pacific) - Total Downtime: 1 hour.

If for any reason you are trying to open a ticket during this maintenance, or pay an invoice, my apologies. Support can always be reached by emailing me directly during this window, but any sensitive requests regarding password modification or billing changes must wait until the window for maintenance has finished.

I’ll post updates once this has completed. Thanks for your patience!


Update: Currently rebooting the server to get some general maintenance out of the way too - update is still on-going. I’ll post another update soon! Sorry it’s gone over a bit.

Update 2: Had to dig a little deeper into some upgrades, hope to have things wrapped up and cleaned up no later than 11:45PM! If not rolling things back and I’ll re-attempt tomorrow night. Looking for flawless vs. quick.

Update 3: Postponing the upgrade for now, still trying to sort out some server software issues, going to research further and try again tomorrow. All services are back online and as-they-were now.


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