Billing System Migration!

The billing system we have been using for years is well… dated. They keep adding more “Value Adds” and then adding more to the pricing to where not I am paying a cost per each of you! Even if you are a church hoster! So in an effort to keep streamlining things for months I’ve been researching and working on a new billing platform partner.

It is currently live testing the simple stuff, data migration, no extra billing all automation is off, but if and I do stress iff you get any odd emails, please be aware - I have not imported billling details into this round of testing, in fact you’ll likely be required to do two things to keep things working on automated billing:

  1. Manually reset your password to make things even more secure (better login security on this new system) - So a lost password request, and a quick reset you’ll have full access again.
  2. Update your credit card on file. I am working to pull this over if possible since I don’t actively store your card as-is but simply a token that lines up with the CC processor, so this one is a 50/50 thing.
  3. The new system is so much nicer on the phone, tablet, desktop, it’s clean, lean and so far a very versatile machine!

All together has me excited but if you find an extra “Hey pay this invoice!” notice that doesn’t look the usual (all different templates) ignore it or check in with me, it will have come from since I’m looking to have every system moved away from the current.

Thanks for reading, more news soon! At this rate - might be a final December FlockUpdate :smiley:

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