Alternatives to Wordpress


While I love Wordpress, it is not for everyone. I know that building a website can sometimes be a daunting task, you get easily woo’d to providers who offer a “Top of the line builder!” and yet honestly? It’s a money pit 90% of the time. You get limited; you get told "To sell X more products that are a package up - so if you are not game on Wordpress here are some other options you can explore:

All listed (Unless noted otherwise) are all easily installed from cPanel! No fuss, no instructions on installing just click a few buttons, and you’re off! Remember you can install these in any folder so, for instance, starting off try Grav by installing it in /grav/ when you install, it’ll be easy to test/try out.


This one is simple, no fuss and has some great themes - worth a look if you want to try something different.


This one is another great tool, while it does focus on BLOGGING if you’re site is built, and you wanted to add a blog afterward, a GREAT platform for blogging.


This one is fairly new to my radar, but in testing it’s not too shabby, a fairly easy interaction for building content, very drag and drop - even says its meant to be easier than Wordpress. Worth a try?

And many many more!

Take a look in cPanel for Softaculous. It’s standard on all accounts and hopefully you can find something to your liking! Remember you can always take an app for a test drive, just remember: Don’t use it? Delete it. No waste, no security risk!


Thanks Chuck! I’ll have to check these out. I played with Sitemush(?) a little but wasn’t sure if it was doing all of the creating/editing in the cloud and then putting it on the server…didn’t think I would like that so didn’t delve too far into playing with it on my new volunteer site - I went ahead and bought a 1 year Divi license and downloaded the theme and a lot of the plugins that I thought I might need. Nice thing about the 1 year license is that you can install/use it on as many websites as you want. You lose the support and updates after I year but I didn’t think that was too important right now.


Sitemush is in beta; it’s by the same guys who make the auto-installer! It’s not bad, but definitely not for everyone!

Divi is indeed great, easy, and too if you got their entire package @ Elegant Themes, some other great addons it comes with, over the years I’ve been pleased with my purchase and keep renewing it! Worth it!