Affiliate Discussion


So I am looking to start an active discussion on the FlockHosting affiliate program. Why? I want to be fair to you guys and provide a nice kickback to those who are helping actively build FlockHosting.

Currently, the payout is a one-time payback of:

  • Church Hosting: $1
  • Personal Hosting: $2
  • Business Hosting: $3

Now the big thing is trying to keep funds in my pocket at one level and help encourage growth via an incentive-based process, and for some folks that’has paid off and funds converted to hosting credits - but other folks want it simply done - CASH.

I get it, cash is good. Cash pays the bills. Cash lets you upsize your happy meal. I do it too.

So what is a fair balance? What helps you want to push your affiliate link more? What lights that fire that says “Ooo this gets me _________”

Should it include a monthly giveaway to anyone with at least one referral? Lower payout but not one time? So say $0.10, $0.15, $0.20 paid out the life of the account? So in 10 months of a friend signed up you could at most earn $2.00 - Again the balance is how do we keep the lights on, but still grow.

Got an idea to help kick the affiliate program up a notch as I get ready to re-launch I want to have a strong site, and really build to better support customers, but also my Family as apparently little girls are not cheap in the clothes department. :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Feedback? High five? :hand_splayed:


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